Ministry of National Defense to Sell Seongnam Golf … More new town apartment

The Ministry of National Defense is pushing to sell the US military-owned Seongnam golf course, which is attached to the new town to pay for the construction of the US base in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province. The Ministry of National Defense is considering a plan to sell Seongnam Golf Club to a profitable residential area and then sell it, and it is observed that the area of ​​the new town is actually increasing.

An official at the Ministry of National Defense’s Korea-US Army Corps Relocation Agency said, “We are in discussions with related agencies such as the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and the facility headquarters for the sale of Seongnam Golf Club,” and requested ” He said. He said, “We are considering a plan to change the golf course site to residential land, but the exact use and the point of sale are not set.” The Ministry of Defense also held an investment seminar on August 8 to utilize major returning facilities such as Seongnam Golf Course.

Seongnam Golf Club is one of the 47 sites to be sold among the 80 return destinations nationwide that the US military uses. It is located on the eastern boundary of the new town and covers an area of ​​about 900,000 square meters. It is attached to the apartment complex which is located in the first stage and the second stage site of the new town. It is about 13% of the area of ​​the new city (6,773,000㎡).

When the Seongnam Golf course is developed in earnest, it is expected to have a significant impact on the new city that it is in contact with. Around half of the apartments in Wuyang New Town were completed, and many of them were moved in. Among them, the complex is located in the A3-9 block of Green Park Przio (972), which was opened in January of last year, and the second block of A2-10 in December 2015 (1,380). . The lakeside construction is preparing for the sale of 699 apartments in the A3-5 block, which is directly attached to the golf course.Kim Seung-bae, the head of the development team, said, “The Seongnam golf course site should be sold to the LH (Korea Land and Housing Corporation), which developed a new city rather than being handed over to a private company. “If developed for a combined urban area, we will improve the completeness of the new town, which is constructed in a somewhat malformed shape due to the golf course boundary.”
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