Military protection zone large-scale off …

Military protection zone large-scale off … Development green signal


It is expected to have a significant impact on the local economy as it can build new buildings or attract industrial complexes. It is reported by Seo Tae Wang. <Reporter> It is a site of Pocheon-si area in Gyeonggi-do. Most of the buildings, such as shopping streets, were built with low floors. This is because it is included in a military facility protection zone and is subject to altitude restrictions. In the future, however, it will be possible to build high-rise buildings as well as apartments here. In the meantime, building construction, fishing, and farming were restricted. <Interview> Han Dong-sik Pocheon-si Songwi “When Lee Ji-in is released from military facilities (protected area) Recently, the protection facilities for military facilities in eight areas including Pocheon and Paju and Hwaseong were unified. The total area is 8.43 million ㎡, and the old standard is 2.55 million pyeong, which is similar to Yeouido area in Seoul. <Standing> A green light has been turned on in the development of the area as the military facility protection area, which had been limited in property rights, was lifted. Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, where 98% of the total area is bound by military protection zones, is also expected to develop due to deregulation. Recently, the altitude limit for 1.89 million ㎡ in this area has been reduced to 30 meters, and the poor transportation network has also been improved.


<Interview> Yeoncheon County officials
“radeunga (height restrictions easing) and engages industry can only be a boon to develop comprehensively. Gyeongwon Line is in 2019, 37 Route help 3 National Road that comes into completion in 2019,” the country It is anticipated that the military protection area will be lifted from all over the country, and the effect of property infringement will be resolved and the local economy will be activated simultaneously.
Seo Tae Wang reporter Type: 2017-08-18 18:24