‘Incheon to KTX’ opened in 2021 … Operates 24 hours a day, 120 km/h

Start of construction next year, finalization of environmental impact assessment by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 


The outline of KTX’s operation plan from Incheon, which is about to start construction next year, has been revealed.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s KTX Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Report from Incheon, KTX from Incheon operates 24 roundtrips daily. Twelve times will be operated in 20 units and 1 unit, and the remaining twelve units will be operated in 10 units and 1 unit.

The speed of operation from Suedin Line Songdo Station to Awacheon Station was set at 120km / h.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport recently concluded public hearings and inhabitants briefing sessions to collect opinions of related organizations and residents and concluded the environmental impact assessment.

In addition, residential areas and schools within 500 meters of Songdo Station, which is the departure point of KTX from Incheon, are expected to conduct noise and vibration prediction surveys.

The KTX business from Incheon is a project that connects KTX to the main line of KTX Gyeongbu line from the Suin station to the KTX station, and KTX from Incheon Songdo station to Busan and Gwangju all over the country.

The total project cost of KRW 383.3 billion will be fully funded by the government, and the goal is to be opened in 2021.

2017/09/06 14:54 (Incheon = Yonhap News) Kang, Jong-koo