Golden egg’s yolk land “Siheung will float”

The golden egg yolk produced by the large-scale development “Siheung floats”

– Development of four residential districts Elasticity Janghyeon district Land purchase competition top 500 election breakthrough
– Simultaneous development of ‘new towns’


In the meantime, Siheung City is located in the southwestern part of the Seoul metropolitan area, and despite the short distance from Seoul, it has been estimated that the traffic is poor due to lack of railway network and road network. However, due to the FTA with China, the flow of trade is shifting from the east to the west and the transportation network development with the large enterprises is needed in the west where the accessibility to China is good. The highway and railway network opening, And large industrial complexes such as the Sihwa MTV. In addition, the Seoul National University campus, Seoul National University Medical Center, Seoul National University, the first, middle, and high prices will be opened. As Siheung City is developed with good conditions such as residential development zone, industrial complex, and education centered on traffic, Siheung City will have about 700,000 people, is. Five subway trains and nine expressways are scheduled to be opened in the development of transport network related projects underway. It is scheduled to open the Gangnam Circular Expressway, which will be able to enter the 30-minute zone to Gangnam in July of this year. In February 2018, the Sosa- (Scheduled to start construction in 2017) and Wolgo-Pangyo Bridge (scheduled to start construction in 2019) that link Wolgo-Pangyo to Pangyo.

Because of this development atmosphere, last year, LH held the land value competition of the Siheung Changhyun district as the administrative and transportation center city of Siheung city, and after that, the land competition that exceeded industry expectation was held. According to LH, the competition rate of apartment complexes in Siheung Changhyun District is 526: 1 for the B-3 block and 516: 1 for the B-4 block.

Real estate development companies in Siheung City say, “There is nothing as important as transportation and development in land investment. Recently, the inquiries of investors in the 40s and 50s for the preparation of old age near Janghyeon District in Siheung City, where the Triple Station area is formed, are rapidly in full swing, and the real estate has been shaken rapidly. ”

Janghyeon District and Siheung City The price of land in Gunja-dong is rising steeply. In particular, the roadside land near Siheung Police Station ~ Geummo Intersection near Janghyeon District is added to the reputation of Banwol Special Area. , And it is said that it is attracting the attention of investors as the price of the untapped areas is up to 100 ~ 1.5 million won due to the expectation of the demise of the greenbelt.   This uptrend steadily continued until 2018 when Changhyeon District was completed and Siheung City Station was opened The atmosphere of the real estate market is steadily rising.
Kim Dong-ho reporter 2017-09-08 14:53:01