Domestic land for foreigners is 234㎢ … 0.3% in six months

Seoul from N Seoul N Seoul Tower in Yongsan-gu, Seoul [Yonhap News photo]
Growth trend is decreasing … Jeju foreigners’ land increased 5.7% compared to last year 
Chinese land, Daejeon and Jeju increased, Busan and Gyeonggi decreased

(Sejong = Yonhap News) The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs said on January 4, domestic land owned by foreigners in the first half of this year was 234.16 million ㎡ (234㎢), up 0.3% (600,000 ㎡) .

This is 0.2% of the total land area (1 billion 339㎢).

As of the end of last year, the value of the official price was 31,857.5 billion won, down 1.4%.

Domestic land holdings of foreigners showed a high growth rate in 2014 and 2015, but the rate of growth has slowed since last year.

The growth rate of Chinese land area also rose from 37.9% in 2013 to 98.1% in 2014, but started to fall to 23.0% in 2015, which was 6.5% in the first half of this year, after 13.1% last year.

The land area of ​​the Chinese people increased by 80.0% (12,000 ㎡) by area and by 11.6% (974,000 ㎡) by Jeju, while Busan was 8.2% (4,000 ㎡) Thousand square meters).

Half of the foreign land in our country is of Americans.

Americans owned land accounted for 50.9% of total foreign ownership, down 0.5% from the end of last year, to 109.90 million ㎡.

Followed by Europe (9.1%), Japan (7.6%) and China (7.3%).

In terms of value, the US accounted for about 12.3 trillion won, accounting for 38.5% of the total, followed by Europe with 20.8%, Japan with 8.0% and China with 7.0%.

The number of foreign owned land by region was the largest at Jeonnam with 37.86 million ㎡ (16.2%).

(16.1 percent), Gyeongbuk (34.97 million square meters), Gangwon (20.3 million square meters), and Jeju (2.14 million square meters), respectively. appear.

The rate of change in foreign land area in Jeju has increased by 2015, but decreased slightly (-2.8%) in the previous year, but increased by 5.7% (1.14 million ㎡) in the first half of this year.

1.08% of Jeju’s total area is foreign owned.

(9.4 million ㎡, 44.4%), the United States (3.61 million ㎡, 17.1%) and Japan (2.33 million ㎡, 11.1%).

Gangwon Province has increased steadily since 2011 due to the Olympics in PyeongChang, but decreased by 0.4% in the first half of the year.

The number of foreign-owned land was the highest with forests and farmland of 144.99 million ㎡ (61.9%), with 63.53 million ㎡ (27.0%) for factory, 12.2 million ㎡ for leisure (5.2%), (4.2 percent) and commercial buildings (4.05 percent).

The number of non-native Koreans by foreigners was the highest with 125.66 million ㎡ (53.6%), followed by joint venture corporation 75.66 million ㎡ (32.3%), pure foreign corporations 19.35 million ㎡ (8.3%), (0.2 percent), followed by the government and the corporation (4.5 million square meters).
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