Beneficial highway surround area

Guri ~ Pocheon, Seoul ~ Yangyang Expressway opened last month The price of the nearby area is expected to rise.


[Daily Newspaper Reporter] As the Guri-Pocheon and Seoul-Yangyang expressways opened on the 30th of last month, neighboring complexes in the area will be benefited.

The opening of new roads has a great effect on the price of real estate due to rapid transportation of goods and improvement of accessibility between cities through linkage with existing roads.

Last July, after the opening of Gangnam Circular Expressway connecting Gwangmyeong Saha ~ Gangnam Woom ~ Suseo, near Gwangmyeong and Seoul Gumcheon area, Gangnam was able to access to Gangnam area in 30 minutes, and the value of nearby apartments became clear.

According to the KB Real Estate Market on May 5, apartment prices in Gwangmyeong-si have risen the most in the Seoul metropolitan area, including 17.69 percent in the last three years (May 2014 to May 2017).

A new real estate expert said, “The new roads will improve the transportation network, which will reduce the commuting time, which will lead to the increase of the population flow and rental demand, leading to a rise in the real estate price.” It would be nice to have an interest in the apartments in the concession area. ”

Gangwon Province, which enjoys the Olympic special, is also showing an increase in apartment prices due to the opening of the second Youngdong Expressway last year. The value of apartment sales in Gangwon Province has risen 2.63% in the past one year (May 2016 to May 2017), surpassing the national average (1.34%) and the average of the six metropolitan cities (1.11%).

On the 30th of last month, 50.5km of copper-Pocheon Expressway started to operate. This road starts from Copper, passes through Uijeongbu, Yangju, and Pocheon through Seoul Jungnanggu and Namyangju, and Uijeongbu is installed in two places in Dongguk IC and Minlak IC. The Guri-Pocheon Expressway will be connected to Gyeonggi Province in 2022 and to Sejong City in 2025.

On the same day, a highway (71.7km) connecting Donghua River and Yangyang was opened. The entire East-West Expressway (150.2km) connecting Seoul to Chuncheon to Dong Hongche and connecting Seoul to Yangyang is the road connecting the Seoul metropolitan area and Gangwon province ahead of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games next February.

On the first day, the Bibong-Maesong city highway was opened. The total length of the road will be 8.9km, which will contribute to solve the imbalance between regions with the road network connecting the inland and west coast of the metropolitan area.

In addition, the Anyang-Seongnam Expressway (21.9km) connecting Anyang-si Seosu-dong to Seongnam-si Yeosu-dong is under construction with the goal of completion before Chusok. In addition, the vaccine road, which is a wide area road connecting Gongyang Hwajeong ~ Seoul Eunpyeong-gu shrine, is scheduled to open in September.

New apartments are sold along with new apartments. In Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, which is the beneficiary of Guri-Pocheon Expressway, POSCO E & C plans to sell Changam The Shop in July with the redevelopment of Uijeongbu Jangam 4 district. Of the total 677 households, 515 households are in general sales.

Daelim Industrial [000210] has sold 733 households in the world, which is comfortable with copper, in Suok-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do.

In Anyang-dong, Anyang-dong, Anyang-dong, Anyang-si, Seongnam Expressway, Anyang City of Eun-Lin (625 households) will be sold in the second half of the year.

Jungheung Construction is currently selling 951 households in Jungheung S class in Goyang-dong district, A2 block of Hyangdong district.

In addition, Shinhwa-gun Sokcho Cho Yang-dong Humanville (378 households), located at 255 in Choyang-dong, Sokcho city, Gangwon Province, is expected to be supplied in August. In 493-5, Cheongok-dong, Donghae city, Gangwon-do, SungHwa General Construction plans to sell 412 houses, Shinhwa Nurian,
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