About Us

The Korea Auction Company has accumulated a wealth of information
that has raised the value of land by the collective intelligence of real estate experts
and real estate academic scholars in the company with decades of experience,
and information such as related city plans, new city plans, and SOC (Social Overhead
Capital) It is a The Korea auction company that specializes in promising small-scale
land long-term investment projects that the company can directly purchase large-scale
auction items in the area after it has been systematically analyzed and verified.

The Korea Auction Company is not only an auction for bidding but also a real
company that realizes the best goal of real estate auction through accurate rights analysis
and marketable price appreciation. In order to overcome the disadvantage of real estate,
which is a shortcoming of real estate, the principle is to make profits as short as possible
after purchase. We have a mechanism to access real estate auctions effectively with a small
amount of investment by co-purchasing with customers.
We are also responsible for everything from tax matters to real estate.

We will enjoy a considerable period of time with our customers for accurate information
analysis, value judgment of goods, development of registered items, and sales.
We will realize the value by finding the things that contain value.
In addition, local experts are participating as auction experts with full knowledge of local
characteristics and disadvantages.
Our company is doing all the processes such as selection of goods, winning bid, brightness,
sale and leasing quickly, clearly and safely.