8th Army Headquarters, ‘Camp Humphreys’ begins at Pyeongtaek

The 8th Army Headquarters of Yongsan-Mi transfers to Pyeongtaek Camp Humphreys.


The US 8th Army Headquarters, which is the core power of USFK, leaves the Yongsan Nest and opens the Pyeongtaek US Army Base (Camp Humphries) era. The US 8th Army will withdraw in 64 years after it was stationed in Yongsan.

The opening ceremony of the US 8th Army Command, which accounts for about 70% of US troops in Korea, takes place at Camp Humphreys on the 11th.
Camp Humphreys, the new home of the 8th Army, is an American military base in honor of US Army officer Benjamin K. Humphrey, who died in a helicopter accident during a 1961 operation.
The transfer of the USFK base was started in April 2003 when the agreement between President Roh Moo-hyun and US President George W. Bush began.
The USFK is carrying out the YRP (Yongsan Relocation Program) project to relocate the Yongsan base to Pyeongtaek and the LPP (Land Partnership Plan) project to transfer the bases in Uijeongbu and Dongducheon to Pyeongtaek and Daegu.
The total projected cost for the YRP project is about 8.86 trillion won, which we bear. For the LPP project, the estimated total cost of the project is 7.11 trillion won, which is the cost for the US.
In accordance with this business plan, the transfer of middle and upper class troops to the USFK has already started in 2013. In the case of the US 8th Army Corps, we started transferring to the first team in March, and last month we finished the transfer.
However, the transfer of the US military bases was not just a business success. The completion date for the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye government was delayed by 10 years from 2008 to 2018. Costs also increased from W7 trillion to W16 trillion in 2010, and there were twists and turns.
On the other hand, the US 8th Army Commander is expected to serve as a deputy commander when the Ground Operation Command (General Commander Unit), which integrates ROK 1 and ROK 3 forces, is created next year.

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