31-Namgok-ri, Yangji-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Location: Namgok-ri, Yangji-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Land Use: Natural greenery in urban areas
Price per Square: 69,000won



Seoul-Sejong Expressway and Yongin Techno Valley development in full swing

Our located in the middle of Seoul and Sejong, Accessibility is also expected to improve significantly.

The ‘2020 Yongin Urban Basic Plan’, which is one of the first investment in the Seoul metropolitan area

and contains a major development plan for Yongin, has recently been announced, attracting interest

from the construction and real estate industry and investors.

Yongin is convenient to traffic.

South and North side Kyungbu Expressway

The Yeongdong Expressway passes east and west side.

Two ICs are installed in Gyeonggi-ri, Giheung-eup, so traffic is very convenient.

Also, the central provincial road leads to the four provinces,

so traffic between other areas is very convenient.

It is 10 minutes away from Yongin City, a large shopping mall, and a bus terminal,

so you can enjoy a stable city life in your daily life.

Many elementary school, middle school, and high school education environments are created.

The medical facilities include Samsung Hospital and Severance Hospital in Yongin-City,

So the most important places to build a house.

Using the Yeongdong Expressway  Routes 42 and 17,

it is convenient to take 40 minutes to commute to Gangnam.

2nd Gyeongbu Expressway

Yongin is convenient transportation

Seoul-Sejong Expressway Construction of the fastest expressway in Korea (2nd Gyeongbu Expressway)

Step 1 – The Seoul-Anseong section (71km) is scheduled to open in 2022,

Step 2 – Anseong ~ Sejong (58km) is scheduled to open in 2025,

It is a section that penetrates through Hanam, Yongin, Anseong, and Cheonan.

Typical benefit areas are Yongin City, Guri, Hanam, Gwangju, and Anseong.

The speed is currently planned to rise from 120km / h to 140km / h, 20km higher.

If the peak speed increases, the travel time between Seoul and Sejong is shortened from 1 hour

and 15 minutes to less than one hour.

Yongin Techno Valley (expected by the end of 2018)

Yongin City is being promoted as a public industrial complex,

attracting attention with its high investment value

Companies wishing to move in will lead most of Korea’s growth engine

Electric, automobile, biotechnology, and other companies about 97 companies.

Yongin Techno Valley (expected by the end of 2018)


Our location is 7km away from Yongin Bus Terminal
Nearby Yangji Pine Resort, Yangji Pine Country Club


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